1. How to use the plattform?
  • At the right sight of the plattform. Their you will find the „sign up“ button.
    You only have to write your name and your emailadress to register.
    (It is not possible to do any „space“ between name and surname)
  • you have to confirm your regsitration with a link which will be send to your emailadress.
  • If you not a participant of sharing visions, your registtration on the plattform will be canceld.

Livemeeeting, zoom, spatial.chat

  • You will find under Links videomeetings
  • You have to be loged in to join the meetings.
  • You find it under Links, videomeetings spatial.chat 
  • You can meet at any time you like at spatial.chat to get in contact with your partners and other participants of sharing visions

Go on the button „groups“. Than the groupside is openining. On the right side click „+“and you can start to build your group.

Everybody in the group has to be friend of you.

You must send an invitation to everbody who should attend your group.

  • At some point, it could be good to build a group with different members. Maybe to do tasks of the seminar together.
  • You must be friends with every member you like to send an inventation to the group.
  • In groups you have the option so share documents (pdf, docxs, foto…)
  • A message/post in a group can only be seen and read by members oft he group.

Here you can see what happend in the last time. Who has written posts or what`s new.

You can send messages to everybody you be „friend“ with.

You can become friends with different members, if you like. Just as you can become friends in facebook.

At some point it could be a way to get easier in contact with different members. You don`t have to become friends with everybody. It is not necassary fort he hole programm.

2. Timezones and programm times

The times mentioned in the programm as UTC/UTZ. Look at the programm on timetabel“ there you will find a table how to count UTC/UTZ in your local time.

The starting time is mentioned on the programm (look at „timetable“)

3. Questions programm

Look at the timetable.

On the right side of the platform you can see different forums. Their will be the different tasks starting during the week.

(Don`t worry if the starting time is not very common to your local time. We are aware of that. Do the tasks just on the time you like to.)

No, there will be new tasks in forums or zoom meetings for you available on different days and times.

4. Where can I get help?

If you have any question please send an email to Sara at the following adress: elerarning@mission-einewelt.de

Look also at „helpdesk“ for further information.

5. Cafe

The Cafe is our virtuell meeting place. Here you can meet in the spatial.chat at any time you like.

Or do a chat in cafe forum meeting place.

6. Other questions

Yes you can share links, pdf., pictures…

You can do it in every forum or group.